Daryl Vidal

Corporation Treasurer and responsible Managing Officer
Lic No.C891006

At California Maintenance and Repair Services (CMRS), we are confident that each new project will stand above all others. Each client is given the utmost attention, as their needs and expectations are approached with the same fervor- excelling in our efforts, outmatching the competition, and leading the pack are just a few such traits.

Owner, Daryl Vidal began his career in the HVAC industry, in 1985. He heightened his level of expertise to building solar enclosures, where he was employed two years following, in Australia. Vidal continued to expand in the Construction and Business areas of his career, when he relocated to Bali after accepting a position as Furniture Production Manager for PT Warisan Eurindo. After returning to the United States, Vidal incorporated his diverse, international hands-on experience into his own company. He has proven successful after five years, having developed CMRS from the ground up. Since then, he has continued to provide practical and efficient solutions for clients. Daryl Vidal is a licensed contractor, holding specialty licenses in deck building, siding, and Heating and Air Conditioning installation.

In August 2008, Liza Robinson joined CMRS, creating exciting new directions for the company. Robinson offers to the team, a career background of over thirty years of experience in interiors and design. Her extensive knowledge of the industry has helped to establish CMRS's Home Rejuvenation Program, establishing the Company as an authority in many various areas of home repair, maintenance, and design.

Through the multitude of experience offered at CMRS, the company now offers full design services (both residential and commercial), material sourcing and procurement services, city permit processing, and design concept drawings, which can range from a general idea to an in-house consultation with an Architect, including architectural drawings, as well as construction, maintenance and repair services.

CMRS continues to develop a wide range of innovative techniques and specialty areas of home transformation, as we are constantly responding to the growing demand for the latest trends and most efficient designs. We are especially proud of our most recent development- Green Renovation. Of great concern in our modern society, the effort to use green, environmentally friendly techniques and aging in place has been an exciting new challenge, and a positive addition to our repertoire. The CMRS team is excited to discuss Green design possibilities with you.

California Maintenance and Repair Services is State Licensed and Bonded (CA State License C891006), and Insured. The company holds a General Liability Policy for $1 million per occurrence, and a $2 million aggregate. The aforementioned statement includes a workers compensation policy.