February 22, 2011
Hire Again: Yes
Approximate Cost: $3,000.00
Home Build Year: 1910
Description Of Work: 
Remodeled Laundry Room -removed and installed new linoleum floors, new bead board, new drywall, rerouted dryer vent, built custom encasement out of butcher block for washer and dryer, installed custom butcher block shelves, fixed electrical outlet, installed new light fixture, painted all walls and ceilings...
Overall a positive experience again. Daryl and Liza work hard to make sure everything was done properly. There was constant communication and any problems I had were addressed right away.
Lauren & Josh – Eagle Rock


February 28, 2011
Hire Again: Yes
Approximate Cost: $750.00
Home Build Year: 1910
Description Of Work: We asked CMRS for help with two items: (1) One of our roof joists was deteriorating and needed to be patched somehow. (2) Skunks had dug an entrance into our crawlspace and were setting up a den; we needed the hole in the foundation patched to keep the skunks out. Member Comments: Daryl came out promptly to look at the job; we received an estimate the next day, liked it, and scheduled the work. The roof joist repair was finished on the appointed day, but it was raining, so the concrete work needed to wall out the skunks couldn't be done until the following Monday -- which it was. All the work seemed very competent, and we're especially pleased with the patching of the foundation: they dug a trench alongside the foundation wall, placed wire screen in it, and filled it with concrete to deter burrowing, and it looks great. Our interactions with the CMRS business office people were likewise unfailingly professional and pleasant. Everything was done on time and within the estimate, and our expectations were exceeded. We've got an old house that often needs a little work, and we will surely be calling CMRS again.    Mr Burleigh – Mt Washington


January 14, 2011
Description Of Work: 
They came out in the rain for an estimate to strip lead paint and paint my old garage. They followed the federal regulations for stripping lead paint.  
They did the painting for me but could not do the wood repair that I needed done. They only charged me for what they did and I ended up going with someone else to fix the wood. They gave me no trouble at all when I switched in the middle of the job. They sent me a receipt that I needed to give to my insurance company. The woodworking was very specialized and I do not fault them at all for not being able to obtain the materials I thought would be necessary for my insurance company to allow.       – Mary D - Pasadena


February 28,
Bathroom remodel. Installed greenboard walls and ceiling. Installed ceramic tile floors. Removed old windows. Reframed exterior and interior walls. Installed new windows. Re-stuccoed exterior wall. Installed light fixtures. Installed vanity. Installed backsplash tiles.
The work started quickly, went quickly, but was done professionally and with skill and care. There was no dawdling and no rework needed. Mario is great! The management team of Daryl and Liza are smart and caring and always helpful and willing to work with you. I would work with CMRS again in a heartbeat!  - JD – W.LA


$12,000.00 Home Build Year: 1979
: 2 bathrooms were completely remodeled. No walls were moved, but completely re-tiled, new fixtures and paint.: 
CMRS is fantastic about communication, from the very start and throughout the project. Responses from Liza and Gretchen were always very prompt, especially over email, which was the most convenient way for me to communicate. And Mario is the absolute best on tile - his attention to detail was fantastic! The project took longer than expected, part of which was due to city permits and waiting for inspections but part was just the scope of work. Overall, though, I'm thrilled with the results and would have absolutely no hesitation about working with CMRS again
M.Horwitz – West Hollywood

We had to remodel completely our bathroom after buying our house. The old bathroom was in a pretty bad shape. The project consisted in demolishing the old bathroom and remodeling everything: shower, floor and ceiling, tiling, painting, etc.  Member Comments: The project when pretty well. The project started while we were out of town and CMRS (Liza) kept us informed by e-mail (including pictures of the progress of the project). The project took a bit more time than expected due to various factors so we ended up being at home while the project was finished (one problem that arose was the faucets for the tub that we couldn't fit horizontally due to the width of the bathroom so we had to order the vertical version of the faucets and another problem was an order mistake for a faucet - not CMRS fault). Liza was very responsive about the progress of the remodeling, e-mailing always in advance when someone would come into the house to work on the bathroom or anything else. We were able to get involved a bit more in the project by deciding a few features of the bathroom and Liza was always encouraging about that. The bathroom is now completed and we are very happy. I'm highly recommending CMRS    Jean B – Eagle Rock September 2010

September 27, 2010
Hire Again: Yes
Approximate Cost: $10,000.00
Description Of Work: 
Installed unfinished flooring in the master bedroom and hallway, sanded 2nd bedroom flooring and finished all floors together to match. Stripped wallpaper and then painted interior walls (including over wood paneling) and ceiling in master bedroom. Replaced 4 light fixtures (two ceiling fans, two hanging lights). Built two doors to fit outdoor storage closet and wine cellar, then painted outdoor retaining wall and newly built doors. Painted fascia on eaves around entire house. Repaired and remounted door on outdoor greenhouse. Caulked kitchen backsplash and bathtub. Stripped tinting off of several floor-to-ceiling windows. Re-screened multiple sliding screen doors.
it went well, with an acceptable amount of bumps along the way. We got bids, and Daryl was prompt and detail-oriented during the bid, including taking photos of relevant areas for future reference. His bid was competitive and detailed, so that we knew what each task cost, rather than just a bottom line total. Liza kept us informed as the first day of work arrived, including being very accommodating toward our pets. The work was performed as advertised, and anytime an issue came up, there was a phone call or an email to make sure we were involved in the decision or at least informed of the cause of the delay. There was only one issue that came up that ended up adding expense, which was that there was an additional sub-floor under the carpet in the master bedroom that had to be removed to allow the new hardwood to match up height-wise with the other floors it touched. They made sure we were aware of the consequences of our choices and the additional cost was nominal. The workers were polite and consistently there when they said they would be and it was overall a very positive experience. Now that some time has passed, the results far outweigh the petty gripes that came up during the job.

That being said, here are some detailed issues we experienced: When they were finishing the bedroom floors, we were forced to camp in the living room, which was fine, since it was supposed to take four days. However, between getting the color and finish just right and some other unforeseen setbacks, it ended up taking two weeks and four days. Luckily, our bathroom has direct outdoor access, otherwise it might have been impossible, rather than just inconvenient. However, the resulting floors are beautiful. There were also a couple of times that there was miscommunication between the workers, Daryl, and ourselves. For example, when painting the master bedroom, the worker asked what color we wanted the doors (either to match the trim or the walls) and we answered. However, as time went by, the doors were never painted, so when we brought it up on the last day of painting (which happened to be the last day of the job), Daryl was surprised and told us that painting the doors was not included in the scope of work. However, he did it anyway, with no additional charge. Also, to be fair, we share in the responsibility for the miscommunication because we were not as clear or proactive as we should have been and any concern we ever communicated directly to Daryl or Liza was addressed completely. Finally, I got the feeling that the sense of urgency to complete the job escalated greatly on the final day. Whether that was because the next job was looming or the workers' schedule worked out that way coincidentally, we had the most attendance and the most activity by far on the final day, and all told it was a four week job. It was as if they were working to a deadline we were not aware of, and it led to us finding a couple of minor flaws after they left (like a threshold that was laid down but not attached) which they promptly fixed once we notified them. On a more positive note, they re-re-screened one of the doors at no charge after our pets decided to charge at each other through the newly repaired screen.
Bottom line, if you can communicate your expectations, they will do everything in their power to meet them. We will be using them again, without a doubt.  – Mr Chris – Pacific Palisades


This job was done in parallel with the painting job (also by CMRS). Again, Liza was very helpful in defining the scope of the job and what could be done (we just moved into a new house as first-time home buyer). The end result was great, we couldn't have been more pleased. Note: we did all the work remotely with Liza (we were in San Francisco while the house is in Los Angeles) and met her only a few times at the house to define the project. Liza sent pictures of the work in progress every week and was very responsive to my e-mails (even Sunday night!). I am highly recommending CMRS. $K3   Bovet Family – Eagle Rock

CMRS, especially Liza, did a wonderful job. We couldn't have been more pleased. We did all the work remotely with Liza (we were in San Francisco while the house is in Los Angeles) and met her only a few times at the house to define the project. Liza sent pictures of the work in progress every week and was very responsive to my e-mails (even Sunday night!). What's more, Liza also suggested some colors for our master bathroom and our daughter's room and the result is great. I am highly recommending CMRS.  $k6  Bovet Family – Eagle Rock


Kitchen remodel: Removed and discarded existing kitchen counter and sink. Installed new butcher block counter top and farmhouse sink. Installed subway tile backsplash. Fixed plaster ceiling and patched walls. Painted built-ins, cabinets and walls. Member Comments:   CMRS did a great job our kitchen. We were given a quote on Sunday, work started monday and they finished ahead of schedule which was great! The CMRS team were professional, hard working and delivered quality work. I plan on using them again for other projects around our house. $3950
Lauren & Josh – Highland Park September 2010
$7000 Daryl, Liza and his workers provided the highest level of workmanship and detail to attention in building my deck. The original estimate was for repair of the deck but upon further evaluation a new deck was needed. The work included the framing and the extension of the deck with two additional steps. Daryl provides what any homeowner wants: punctuality, professionalism and honesty. I have used this company before and plan to use them again. They are excellent!!
Member Comments: 
The overall experience was great. Daryl started the work and worked around my schedule. We discussed all details of the deck and the dimensions. His workers were excellent. 
Denise Evans – Encino Sept 09


If you're looking for a general contractor, I would highly recommend Daryl Vidal of CMRS (California Maintentance Repair Services.)  I used Daryl Vidal when I needed my deck resurfaced.  He was extremely professional, did the job in a timely manner and did outstanding work.  Not only was the estimate very reasonable, it turned out to be exactly what I was quoted when the final bill came.  Between Daryl doing the work and partner Liza handling the administrative details, I could not be happier with the job done, and plan to use them for any other work I need done. Rob Foreman - Silverlake


Covered 1-car carport construction, including demo of old carport; rebuild of 15' x 15' deck, demo of existing decking and joists; added deck supports, railing, paint, etc.
Liza in the front office makes the whole thing work: she is excellent at communicating about whats going on with your job, what to expect, when to expect it, etc. Generally, these guys show up when they say they will and do what they say they will do - which is rare. Quality of work is good. A few minor issues which came up where handled promptly. Overall: a positive experience, no issues, fair price.  G.Rozenblatt – Sherman Oaks.

Daryl and Liza Vidal are consummate professionals. Daryl cheerfully and patiently performed each of the tasks listed above in short order, while Liza was able to deftly field all of my questions and typically responded to emails and voicemails within an hour. Correspondence was quick and detailed, and the entire experience spoke of both a great familiarity with the craft and also of tremendous interest in the satisfaction of the client. Having exhaustively researched the options available for an individual or organization to contract with on Angie's List in preparation for the cabinet project, I can happily add my voice to the many testimonials of satisfaction already present. I highly recommend working with Daryl and Liza to accomplish whatever work you have in mind, and indeed have lent emphasis to these words by continuing to work with them on further household jobs. These too will no doubt result in another superlative review on my part.  J.Gasson Beverly Hills


Description Of Work: 
Built an attached carport/covered pergola in front of the garage and installed a drain in the driveway to reduce water puddling. Member Comments: 
There was a dip in our concrete driveway in front of the garage that collected water whenever it rained or if someone washed their car. We share a driveway with our neighbor, so we didn't want to redo the concrete. Several contractors said a drain was the only other solution, but Daryl offered the most practical and least expensive way to do this. Rather than digging a drain into the concrete all the way out to the street, they dug a drain that flows across the driveway into a container buried in the yard with a metal grate cover. When the container fills with water, it activates a pump that pushes the water out through an attached sprinkler, distributing it further back into the yard. It sounded complicated when first described, but now seems very clever and relatively simple. It seems to work based on the testing they did, but we're waiting for the next rainfall to give it a good trial run. (Just in time for El Nino!) The work itself looks good. The only concern was that leaves, dirt and debris could easily fall through the grate into the water container, which might require frequent cleaning. To reduce this, we just placed a layer of window screen material under the grate to catch any large debris. Once the water puddling problem was solved, we also wanted to build out an attached carport that wasn't too expensive, but also wouldn't look like it was made for a mobile home. Daryl quoted a wooden carport with clear plastic corrugated roofing. We had a hard time imagining what this would look like, but it sounded practical, and the price was fine. When the frame was built out, we were pleasantly surprised by the quality of the carpentry. The wood was much thicker and sturdier than we would have expected for the price, and the structure was constructed with very nice a pergola design. We actually thought about having a pergola built instead of a regular boring carport, but didn't think it was possible within our budget. We liked the natural look of the wood, so we opted to have it stained to match our fence and deck instead of painted. It really looks as though it was built to go with the house rather than added on as an afterthought. The clear plastic roofing was a good call, as it feels more open and spacious under the carport than it would have with a solid roof. It doesn't block out the sunlight, but the material offers UV protection, seems to reduce heat and will help keep things dry if it rains.

The work took a bit longer than expected, but they worked around our schedule and were flexible and responsive when we asked for changes. We would certainly use them again (this was already the second time).   – West Los Angeles

$3,500.00 Home Build Year:  1983
Description Of Work: 
Remodel bathroom, including removal of vanity, toilet, carpeting, lighting; relocated electrical box; installed floor tile, new vanity, toilet, lighting, and door casing; painted walls and ceiling; installed bathroom hardware.
Member Comments: 
A very pleasant contracting experience! Liza and Daryl were very responsive to our questions and concerns. Liza was incredibly quick in responding to our numerous emails. Their crew of workers were all very professional. They were punctual, neat, and knew what they were doing. We are thrilled with our new bathroom which was completely remodeled in less than two weeks!


Description Of Work: 
CMRS replaced 4 termite-damaged wooden support posts under our redwood deck and added 2 more for better support. They replaced 6 joists that were also termite damaged with new pressure-treated wood. They painted the remaining joists to protect them from water damage. And finally, they lightly sanded and re-stained the entire deck as part of its bi-annual maintenance. The job took 6 days to complete.
Member Comments: 
I called CMRS on July 13 and spoke to Liza (the customer care person) and she made an appointment for Daryl (the boss and final word person) to come over and look at the job on July 20. He arrived promptly on the agreed upon date. He evaluated the situation quickly and professionally and made his suggestions about what he would do to get the job done. He answered all our questions and assured us that he would be able to accomplish what we wanted. I should say up front that I'm not the easiest person to deal with, at least for most contractors, since I like to know a lot about the details. However, Daryl was patient and forthcoming during our initial meeting. It took a while to get the contract right, since the first draft did not include some of what Daryl and I had discussed on his visit. Also, the schedule of payments did not add up to the price quote. If we had paid according to the schedule, we'd have been paying a few hundred dollars more than the quote. Arithmetic! However, after a few friendly back and forths with Daryl's most valuable asset, Liza, we were able to finally get it all right. Daryl was able to start the job on August 5. He and his crew finished 6 days later on August 11. There were no delays. Everything went well and Daryl's crew was excellent, especially Randy, his go-to guy. We had one small problem when we discovered an additional joist that was termite damaged and which was not part of the quote. It was only a single board, but since Daryl was not on the job site, it took Randy calling Liza, Liza calling Daryl and then Liza calling me back to tell me that Daryl wanted $75 extra to replace the single board. I wasn't pleased with this price considering the actual cost of the board and the fact that his worker's were already on site replacing the other boards which we had contracted for. I'm sure that Daryl believed it was a fair price, but I didn't. However, all's well that ends well. The job was done completely and with a high degree of workmanship and skill. The crew was available to answer questions and worked quickly and quietly. I am extremely pleased by the way it all turned out and how everything looks. I'm confident that the repairs will last for years to come and the re-staining looks beautiful. And like I've said, I'm a difficult customer! LOL I would recommend Daryl and Liza highly and would look forward to working with them again.  K.Epstein Sherman Oaks.


Daryl and his assistant were courteous and worked with me on last-minute changes to the estimate. Their work was neat and cleanup was complete. Lisa communicated everything about the job through email and phone calls. A professional operation. $600   Lisa and Greg – N Genesee  West Hollywood Sept 09


$250 – D.Speck – Marina del Ray
An estimate was completed via email and photos. Two options and estimates were given. Once an option was chosen and a date selected the company came to perform the work which was cutting out a piece of bad drywall and patching it with a new piece. They also paint matched the new section.
Member Comments: 
The email response was great. Liza was always getting back to me way after business hours with answers to questions. I was not available to be home when the work was performed, but I had a friend there. Liza came to my home and scouted the work and when he guy was there to perform the needed the duties she was already to brief him and get him started. They have been very pleasant to deal with over the phone, via email, and as I'm told in person! I saw the work when I came home and was very pleased with the quality of the work performed right down to having match the textured paint job. I am keeping this company in my address book for referrals and any possible future work.


Approximate Cost: $23,000.00
Home Build Year: 
Description Of Work: 
They remodeled my kitchen, dining room, and laundry porch.
Member Comments: 
The best thing about The Live Handyman is that they are very easy to reach, and they are very accommodating about fixing things that need to be redone. They come around all the time, the workers are always being supervised by Daryl and Liza. It was always reassuring that I could know I could reach them. If I was in a bind with lighting or something, and I wasn't sure what to get, I could always call right on the spot, in the store, and reach Liza and Daryl and speak to them about what I needed. The job is beautiful, especially the tile work - they do outstanding tile work - the tile on the kitchen counter and on the floor looks great. I would recommend them.
M.Ellinson – Los Angeles

Work Completed Date: May 29, 2009
Hire Again: Yes
Approximate Cost: $40,000.00
Home Build Year: 1947
Description Of Work: 
Modified existing deck in back yard to add wood pergola and expand. Built new porch off of front of house & installed sliding glass door Built new concrete block front wall, stucco & paint in front yard & installed gates Modified sprinklers Demo'd existing driveway Poured and built new driveway Painting of exterior house & wall
Member Comments: 
Liza and Daryl run a high class organization. The agreed upon work was completed to our expectations. CMRS was always happy to modify/make changes along the way to suit our intended design. The pricing was fair, and we were very happy with the finished product. CMRS workers were polite, punctual & always cleaned up after each day's work. The overall experience was positive, and we would recommend CMRS to our friends and will use them again when needs arise.
Mr & Mrs K Wilson – Venice CA.   8/18/09.


Partial remodel of my guest bathroom - new floor tiles, wall tiles, new facuets, new wall scones, wall and ceiling painting
As a full time professional, I don't have time to deal with all elements of a project like this. I also didn't want to take the time to find products from scratch. Liza made the preliminary selections in wall and floor tiles, paint color, shower head, light fixtures, etc. for me to approve which was great. She also coordinated with all the trades (plumber, electrician) which eases my time commitment on the project as well. Oschan, one of their employees, is very good with the tile work. I am quite happy with the outcome of the remodel and have started work on my master bathroom.  $12,000.
Ms.Gould – Cheviot Hills


We needed to put a retaining wall on a very steep hill in our backyard. The work included laying in railroad ties with steel bar reinforcement and concrete during a bad heat wave and on a difficult landscape. We called Daryl and made an appointment for him to come by. He came, gave us a quote or proposal almost right away, and we went from there. Punctual and professional, Daryl's team did a great job of putting up the retaining wall and fence in a timely manner. They were always on top of the schedule and clear about what they were going to do. They are also very nice to work with and friendly. We will definitely work with them again.
V.Nguyen – Silver Lake  $6500


Daryl and Liza,
We are very happy with work done. We'll also feed back to you 6 months from now how it turn out to enjoy your good work done. Every one in your team were very cooperative and made no extra noise to disturb neighborhood. I'll definitely recommend my friends. $10,000
van & Niru Patel- Malibu  


We had Daryl build us a epay deck for the back of the house.
The job went very well and was done in a few weeks. We ran into some rain briefly but everything was done as specified and priced. I would strongly recommend Daryl and Liza. The deck turned out beautiful.

Scott & Cheryle – Playa del Ray – Feb 2009
Right from the beginning everything was exceptional. We were very impressed by the responsiveness to our query, providing an estimate and last but not least the quality and timing of the project. Although it was a small project, garage drywall replacement and painting, we were very impressed with the level of service and quality provided. Finally the support from the main office for the project was second to none. Brian and Liza Marina Del Rey

I had Daryl and his team do numerous odd jobs around my home including - building and installing a new gate, installing a new water gutter, new locks on windows, fixing an electrical breaker and installing new exterior lighting on home.
Liza was very quick to respond and set up a date to review scope of work. Her and Daryl showed up on the agreed date/time and spent a lot of time with me walking through the proposed work and what my options were. They promptly provided a quote and started the work within a few days. I had a new tenant moving into the house and the work needed to be done in a short turn-around time. They were realistic in what they could finish within the timeline and then asked if they could work on a couple of the exterior projects the following week. The work was completed in a timely manner and with good quality. Liza continued to communicate with me on a regular basis and provide updates. Keep up the good work – good contractors are hard to find!!
Melia Loskill


Description Of Work:
Fixed solid oak cupboard above refrigerator so that a new refrigerator would fit. Who knew that refrigerator would get taller in 20 years.
Member Comments:
Everything went very well once I contacted a provider via Angie's List. Several contacts were VERY booked. CMRS got me a written estimate after a personal visit. One unselected contractor wanted me to accept an estimate without a visit. They did not get a second chance


Description Of Work:
We had several improvements done. First, they reconditioned our elevated decks, rebuilding some of the steps and added additional supports. They then sanded and re-painted. We were quite pleased with the improvement in looks as well as in safety. Next, we had them pull up our tile kitchen floor and living room carpet and replace it with engineered wood flooring. They needed to coordinate with other contractors who were replacing the kitchen cabinets and this went smoothly. Lastly, we had them paint the exterior of our house. There was some patching of stucco as well. They were very accommodating even though we changed our minds on trim colors mid-stream!
Member Comments:
Everything went quite smoothly, even with bad weather making things difficult for their crew. They were more than willing to work together with me to coordinate multiple projects going on simultaneously, even with other contractors.
R. Gjax – Mt Washington


Description Of Work:
The Live Handyman (CMRS) tiled areas around the tub and toilet in the bathroom. They also shored up part of the floor. They were very clear about the cost, and came every day to check on the work. The finished product is outstanding. I was so pleased with the work, that I have hired them to remodel my kitchen!
Member Comments:
It was an excellent experience. There was never any doubt about the cost of the work or what specifically was being done.


Demo old shower down to framing, re-tile the shower, retrofit plumbing and install new shower fixtures.
Working with Daryl, Liza and Francisco was a very pleasant experience. Daryl was quick to respond to our request for a quote for the project. His price was reasonable for the work performed. Once the work began they arrived on the times quoted, finished all the work within the time quoted and did not exceed their budget. Liza managed the logistics quite professionally and Daryl's assistant Francisco was a very pleasant person to deal with- not to mention our new shower looks great! Overall it was a great experience. We highly recommend CMRS and look forward to working with them again. It is very hard to find a trustworthy, timely and professional contractor- CMRS fits the bill.
Akaka – Mt Washington Feb 09.

Multiple services performed: removed wallpaper border, prepped and painted a bedroom, installed curtain rod after painting was complete, installed a ceiling fan, installed hotel-style shower rods, secured four twin headboards to the wall, hung a train depot style clock.  $1600
Member Comments:
From my initial contact with Liza at the company to the conclusion of all projects, communication was excellent. Liza responds to telephone calls and e-mails very quickly-even on the weekend! They arrived promptly to review the work I wanted done and gave me an estimate in a very timely fashion. The painters arrived when promised and worked efficiently and were careful with my furniture as well as leaving the area neat and vacuumed when they left. I ended up adding a couple of small projects and they were very willing to accommodate those wishes. I prefer to be at home when work is being done inside of my home and they very willingly accommodated my schedule. Only one minor glitch. The painters somehow lost the brackets to my curtain rod. Liza cared enough to call and ask precisely where I got the rod so they could match the brackets to the rod I had. A few days after the rod was installed I noticed that one bracket was pulling away from the wall. The company had already been paid in full so I was concerned I might have difficulty getting this minor repair taken care of. I called Liza, received an apology for the problem and she scheduled a time to have it fixed. The rod was securely reattached to the wall. A bit of a hassle? Sure, but let's face it, things like this do happen! I was impressed that they were so eager to resolve this small issue to my complete satisfaction. By the way, my train depot clock was hung free of charge, and Daryl helped me figure out a problem I was having with a new hinge I installed on a cupboard door, also at no charge. Small things, yes, but it's nice not to feel like you're being "nickeled and dimed to death." Brenda – La Canada


Liza responded to my email inquiry regarding their availability to perform services within the same evening. We were able to meet and discuss the scope of the project within days of my initial contact. Because of my schedule, Daryl and Liza made special accommodations and have Boris, a member of their team, perform services within 2 days from our meeting. Boris worked Saturday and Sunday to complete his assignments. He was very nice and professional. A pleasure to work with. Ms Gould – Cheviot Hills

Excellent service - detailed description of proposed work in quote, very clear on schedule, accommodating and very responsive to deal with. Highly recommended. Replace 2 decks at my home $10k
Larry – Mt Washington


Overall, we were happy with The Live Handyman and will most likely hire them again in the near future. Daryl came when he said he would come for the quoted price, and his employee, Jersi, was always on time and professional in performing the work. Liza is very accessible and responsive back in the office, so we never felt stuck wondering where someone was or the status of the project
CLamb – Culver City


We had a baby coming soon and needed to get the nursery finished (9x12 room/ceilings with two 3x3 closets). We were planning on doing all the work ourselves, and managed to get the drywall hung, but were quickly running out of time. We contacted several companies to get the drywall finishing work done, but Daryl and Liza gave the best price and could fit the work into our tight time frame. From the initial meeting through completion and final walk-thru, they made us feel confident in their ability and comfortable with their workers. The walls looked great... ready to paint. Highly recommended. Chole Monahan – Los Feliz


Daryl was very knowledgeable and professional throughout the job which required a great deal of care to complete properly. There was one misunderstanding on my part after the work began regarding the scope of the work which Daryl immediately took care of in a very equitable fashion. His overriding concern was that I be completely satisfied with the job he did. I was very happy to have chosen him for the project.
T. Calderon Silver Lake – Nov 08

I have called many a handyman in the past, and in my experience, they usually don't call back for a long time, take a long time to get out there, and then usually do a medium job of it. I was impressed by the professionalism of this company -- they actually have a scheduler rather than having you just call some busy tradesman's cell phone in the middle of the day. We had to reschedule a couple of times, but it was always within reason and they began work a week after he first came out to give me an estimate -- a miracle. The work was done about one week later. All work was very well done. I owe it to Angie's List for finally allowing me to find someone I can use again. Thanks Daryl and Liza.  A.Richardson Silverlake Oct 08


Daryl had given me an initial estimate based on photos I had emailed of the issue, but came out to give a final assessment and estimate, which was (rightly) slightly higher than from the photos. Even so, his bid was extremely competitive to the other bids I received, even after the revision. I had to wait for an estimate from another contractor for a week (it never came), but when I called Liza to schedule the job, Daryl and his dry-waller showed up two days later, at the appointed time. Jose finished all of the drywalling the first day, and Daryl came back with his painter two days later to do the painting and moulding work, the result of which is far better than the work from the company who initially installed the moulding. They were careful and clean, personable and precise. I'd use them again, and in fact am waiting for a further bid on another job I have in mind.
A.Robinson Hollywood – October 08
You're welcome! Thanks for the great service ... I'm so glad I can call you and know that the work will get done professionally, at a fair price, and on time.
Best wishes,Pam


Daryl was very professional in all aspects of his work. He gave an estimate of the work that was to be done and the cost and the amount of time that it would take to complete the work. He was punctual and was always accessible. I am extremely happy with "The Live Handyman" and I am ready to hire him again!
Denny Evans, Tarzana, California.

"Daryl did some great work with our tilework and kitchen remodel for our rental condo.  In the kitchen, he installed cabinets and floating floors.   He then replaced the ugly bathroom carpeting and balcony astroturf with tile, and did a beautiful job. What we appreciate most about Daryl is his reliability, honesty, and patience.  As busy as he is, he always makes sure the customer is satisfied.  Liza's prompt quotes and astute business skills complement Daryl's hands-on expertise to make CMRS a great company. CMRS is a pleasure to work with and we're hiring them for even more extensive work on another condo."

SCarr  Playa del Rey

I am happy to convey my enthusiastic support of Daryl Vidal and his “handyman” services.  Daryl and his crew installed a redwood deck 37 ft x 7 ft approximately 5 ft from the ground.  He also installed two sets of French doors that open up onto the deck.  Daryl and his employee, Randy, are very friendly and trustworthy people.  It is obvious after meeting with Daryl for a short time that he is very experienced and intelligent. His quote and labor costs were competitive and my wife and I were very impressed with his work.  We would not hesitate to hire him again!

Lucas DeMaio

Outstanding work overall.  I read the reviews references on his website regarding thelivehandyman and decided to go with Daryl based on the comments.  I'm glad I did.  It was especially important to get someone who is reputable & punctual, given that I am an absentee landlord for a historical duplex in South Carthay and the work was in an occupied unit.
From the beginning, Daryl arrived when he said he would and the work entailed several repeat visits due to the fact that it was an older home with specialized trim.  Also, communication from his office with Liza was especially helpful; they were flexible enough to work with the tenant's demanding schedule and they kept me informed via e-mail with every step.
In the end, the drywall & trim work was great; livehandyman was both punctual and courteous and the tenant was happy.  I won't hesitate to use livehandyman again and can confidently recommend their services.
Mr Hendrick
Los Angeles
January 08


The hallway of our condominium is going to be re carpeted. The flooring
under the carpet seemed to move and squeak. Through bad original
construction, the plywood flooring had to be secured.
AAA. Daryl returned my call promptly. We had a very limited time frame
due to the scheduled carpeting. Daryl appraised the site immediately,
emailed a quote promptly, and fit us in to his very busy day. In fact, he
started the job after a morning job, brought a 2nd worker and completed
the job quickly and more efficiently than the original builders. He was
extremely knowledgeable about flooring as well as other aspects of
construction. He is intelligent as well as pleasant

Daryl did exactly as he promised in his estimate. He stripped and refinished two doors that were seriously damaged and he did a GREAT job. They look like new.

Daryl came exactly when he said he would and kept every promise that he made. We are so happy with his work that we are going to have him out to our home again for more jobs. For what it is worth, my wife and I have had several "handymen" over the past seven years, and Daryl is the ONLY one who was a total professional, well prepared, worked hard, took great care in the quality of his work and showed enormous respect for our home. It is very rare to find a craftsman like him and we appreciate Angie's List bringing him to our attention. This was a 100% totally positive experience, and I can't recall ever having that in a home repair before
Mr & Mrs Scully
Malibu 07


I needed a door that was original to the building of my house to be replaced with a new solid core door.
I contacted Daryl Vidal, who came to see the job, recommended that the door be ordered from a big box chain, and estimated that the installation would probably take a day. Even though the installation had to be postponed on a number of occasions for various reasons, Live Handyman was wonderful when it came to communication and follow-up. I could be certain that I would receive an e-mail by the end of a given day with a new time or date for installation or an update on the progress of the order. When the door was ready, Daryl sent a really good carpenter over to install it, someone that was polite, exact and punctual. Daryl reviewed the installation and went over some particulars with me, such as when the door would be ready for staining or painting.  $800
R. Schweber – Silver Lake

$2,000.00   October 2008
Daryl and his crew painted several areas of our condo as well as fixing some minor wall damage.
Overall, we were very happy with their work. Liz was very nice and helpful. She emailed and corresponded promptly. The guys who did the work were incredibly tidy and precise in their work.
T.Hyman – Hollywood Hills


Daryl and Liza from CMRS were referred to us from Angies List. They not only met, but exceeded our expectations for home repair. All appointments were preceded by a confirmation and were promptly kept. Estimates were quick, thorough and fair. Service was also performed promptly with follow-up to make sure we were satisfied. What more could you ask for? Since then we’ve used CMRS for additional work, referred them to friends and will continue to value them as a home maintenance resource.
Sergio Belletinin & Gary Bergevin
Los Feliz, California

Daryl and his crew rebuilt my existing landing and stairs to make a deck and more usable stairs.
The project went fairly well overall. Daryl was willing to work with us to get the look we wanted. .













 JO’Donnell – silver lake
Ms. Brin Plourde
The Greenwald Company
San Diego, CA 92106
- I have been using CMRS for almost  two years now at various properties, commercial and industrial, that I manage in Los Angeles , CA . Daryl is one of the most professional, honest and clever vendors I have worked with. He completes the scope of work right on schedule and for the price I am quoted EVERY TIME. He is able to handle multiple jobs at different locations with excellent organization and follow through. I receive invoices and have questions answered in a timely manner. I couldn’t recommend a better company to work with.
Body Corporate Manager
Dr J. & B. Vyden
Nth Oakhurst Ave
Beverly Hills CA 90210
- Daryl has been performing handyman works for our block of apartments for some 2 years now, from roof leaks, stiff doors, leaking taps, finish carpentry, replacing tiles his quality of work and obliging personality have ensured our continual use of his services.
Ada La Greca
VP of Special Events
Fremantle Media
Santa Monica, CA.
- Daryl and his team worked off and on for over 6 months on my cabin in Lake
Arrowhead, they performed many handyman tasks such as tiling, repairing deck,painting, installing a new toilet, fixing light fittings, installing shelves.
He fixed my fence, installed a door bell, installed slate flooring replaced my exhaust fan and many other tasks.
There work was of an excellent quality and well priced for the quality of work. They always kept good communication with me during the works and were always reliable.

I have no hesitations in recommending CMRS.